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In compliance with the POPI Act, Committee Member names may only be released on application at Reception.

Committee Background
The Security Committee was inaugurated in March 2015 and is in fact the first committee started in the village. It has a maximum membership of 5 and with the exception of one resignation and one replacement has had the same members from day one.

After much deliberation and a thorough look at security in the village, as designed by the developers, a number of problems were identified and it was decided to meet with the then Board of Directors, together with two senior representatives of Central Developments. It took some time but eventually the meeting was convened and it identified the main areas of concern, being, lighting at the eastern boundary, loops on the electric fence, an adequate c.c.t.v. camera system on the eastern boundary which was identified as the most vulnerable area. Also additional barbed wire on the outside of all boundary’s other than the north which was to be left for aesthetic reasons, and finally stand by lighting in case of power outage at the main entrance. After much deliberation the developers granted funds towards these activities and agreed to pay for the additional lighting. Since then these funds have been used to remove the centre panels on the eastern fence which was precast and fit palisade panels between

As we were able to save some of the money allocated to this task it was decided to attend to the comfort of the guards and we purchased lockers, a fridge, a microwave and a kettle, which was much appreciated.

We then began negotiations with camera installers and eventually contracted with a company called Intervid who have subsequently just completed the installation of 6 modern cameras mounted on the existing light poles which has greatly increased the security in our village. The Board are currently considering a further 12 cameras on the north side once funds become available. Your Security Committee is determined to do everything in their power to ensure the safety of all our residents and furthermore to ensure that in the event of any emergency the total compliment of staff in the village are adequately trained and prepared to assist in any emergency.

This Committee reports to the Safety & Security Director.


Newsletter June 2016:
Unfortunately our plea to motorists and visitors to obey our stop streets and speed limit of 15 kph is not having the desired effect and speeding in the village continues unabated. It has therefore been decided to install one speed restriction ramp on the road from the entrance, to remind drivers coming in from outside, that they are in a restricted area.

The next phase will be to implement speed restriction measures, combined with a pedestrian crossing, behind the apartments, costs in this regard are presently being obtained

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