Olivedale Retirement Village

Residents' Guide & On-line Forms


Olive Branch Newsletter
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Issue 1 - June 2017
Issue 2 - July 2017Issue 3 - August 2017

This page provides links to documents that will address most of the information requirements of new and existing residents.

The "Welcome Pack" gives new residents a general overview of the day to day workings of the Village and a listing of the facilities and services provided.

Open Welcome Pack

The "MOI" (Memorandum of Incorporation) and the "Conduct Rules" are the official rules which govern the running of the complex.
Owners and residents should familiarise themselves with the content in order to know what they can and cannot do.
The current MOI is under comprehensive review and a new version has been circulated to all owners for their review and comment. Ultimately a new MOI will be registered.

Open Conduct Rules (PDF format)

ORV Rainfall Chart
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Removal vans/trucks:
Please note that the maximum size of vehicle allowed in the Village is 5 tons

Pre-approval for pets:
Pre-approval for pets must be obtained from the Directors before any animal is brought into the Village.
Maximum of 2 pets per house.
No Cats allowed.

Indemnity Notices
There are a number of important notices displayed around the Village, starting at the main gate. Ensure that you are familiar with and understand their content.