Olivedale Retirement Village

Infrastructure & Aesthetics Committee


Committee objective:
Our task is to ensure that:
1) the Infrastructure of the Common Property is operated and maintained in a manner that is beneficial to the community, and
2) that the Aesthetics of the Village is upheld by maintaining a reasonable degree of conformity.

This Committee reports to the Infrastructure, Aesthetics & Gardens Director.


In compliance with the POPI Act, Committee Member names may only be released on application at Reception.

Newsletter November 2017:
During recent times, ORV has suffered severe lightning strikes. Fortunately, the insurance the Homeowners Association has in place covered the high cost of replacing the equipment damaged by the strike. As a result of this, the Directors employed a company HHK, who are earthing and lightning protection specialists, to do a survey of the protection facilities in the Service Centre and Guard House and make recommendations.
HHK established that there were a number of shortcomings with respect to the lightning protection of the Guard House and the antenna on the roof of the Service Centre. HHK were then tasked with rectifying these shortcomings. This work has been completed.
During the most severe lightning storms last year, a number of units in the Village were struck by lightning. This included losses to computer equipment, TV’s, decoders and electrical appliances as well as causing damage to the unit’s structure. We decided that, while we had the expertise of HHK on site, we would enquire about additional lightning protection that could possibly benefit Owners. It was established that all units do comply with the minimum regulatory standards. However, this minimum standard will not provide adequate protection if there is a severe lightning strike in the proximity of a unit. We therefore asked HHK to provide
a proposal for Owners to consider should they wish to improve the lightning protection of their individual units.
The options that we obtained from HHK are listed below. While there is no guarantee that installing one of these options will provide complete protection against damage caused by a strike, it will certainly offer a lot more protection than is currently provided. A direct or near direct lightning strike to your unit is virtually impossible to protect against.
It is in the interests of all Owners as well as the Homeowners Association that Owners give serious consideration to installing lightening protection in their units. This may have a beneficial impact on the insurance premiums paid for cover on personal possessions inside the unit as well as the insurance premiums paid by the Homeowners Association against lightening damage to the structural parts of the unit.
HHK provided three options that can be considered, along with the approximate cost of each:

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