Olivedale Retirement Village

Frail Care Unit


The Frail Care Unit at Olivedale is contracted out to All Care Nursing Services cc.
Whilst the main objective of the unit is to provide a caring service for the residents and owners of Olivedale, external patients are also welcome.
The services available within the unit are complemented by an extensive "home service" provided in the actual home of the patient.

The objective of All Care is to assist:
* Patients/residents requiring post operative nursing care at home.
* Patients/residents recovering from disabling conditions.
* Patients/residents with terminal or chronic illness.
* Patients/residents who require a private care giver while in hospital.
* Any patient/resident elderly or otherwise needing full or part time assistance and/or general companionship.

Each patient is special, so give us a call

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All Care Nursing Services cc

All Care Contacts:
Head Office:
083 456 8282
Village Office: