Olivedale Retirement Village

Finance Committee


Committee objective:
The Finance Committee's mandate is to ensure that all aspects relating to financial matters of the Home Owners Association are effectively implemented and managed. This role is fulfilled in close co-operation with the Managing Agent and the General Manager. 

The Finance Committee reports to the Financial Director.


For a list of Committee members you will need access to the Owners' Page, enabled by a user id and password. 

Link to ID and Password application

Newsletter November 2016:
Currently the  committee is busy preparing the budget for the new Financial Year.
This is a massive task, with dual objectives of keeping the increase to a minimum, whilst trying to satisfy the many requirements from the different committees to make funds available to improve and enhance the Village in numerous ways. There is also new legislation which must be taken into account.
Once we have received basic agreement from the Board, an "Information Session" will be held with interested owners to discuss the budget and possible options and ideas.

Financial Forms:
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Expense Approval Request Invoice Approval Request Capex Expense Approval Request Capex Invoice Approval Request