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NEW CATERERS - RoyalMnandi
(Article by Adam Mostert, for the Olive Branch Newsletter)
We are excited to welcome RoyalMnandi, a subsidiary of Bidvest who will take over the catering service from 1 August 2017, in our Village.
RoyalMnandi offers much more than just the meals in the dining room – they offer special coffee with cakes and pastries; pre-packed take away food; a la carte menu right through the day with items that can be ordered on walk in.
The best news is that RoyalMnandi has agreed to allow residents to spend their money on all meal selections and items that they have to offer, including but not limited to “grab and go” items, coffees and pastries, etc. They have also agreed that accounts may roll over from month to month, due to residents being on extended holiday or other reasons.
Two breakfast options will be available daily for those residents who prefer to start the day with a good meal. The “Early Start Breakfast” offering will comprise of two breakfast specials of the day – something that fits your tummy and wallet.
The “Olivedale Breakfast” (Western and Vegetarian) will comprise a selection of eggs, sausages, omelettes, pancakes and more – priced and sold individually allowing the customer to make up his own breakfast. The Saturday buffet brunches will be included in the menu at the same standard price as the normal meals.
Their lunch menu offers a choice between two proteins, a vegetarian and diabetic meal at reasonable prices.
They also offer a slightly more expensive meal, called Chef’s Special. This meal will contain more expensive meat cuts, including lamb. It will be offered as a pre-booked alternative on the meal booking system, which will be similar to what is currently used in the dining room.
All lunch meals will include a choice of beverage (juice/tea/ coffee) and condiments will be provided.
Take-away meals will be available for either collection from the dining room or delivery to the units via an electric powered golf cart equipped with a hotbox. Deliveries will be free but the disposable container will carry a small fee.
RoyalMnandi’s offer for frail care meals includes the inputs of a dietician to determine dietary requirements on an individual basis. These dietary requirements will include but are not limited to a soft diet, a low cholesterol diet and a diabetic diet.
Some of the value added solutions offered by RoyalMnandi include a loyalty system, regular theme days in line with national days and fabulous food themes.
The team of Villagers, who have spent many hours to determine the catering needs and to evaluate the potential service providers against those needs, are confident that the dining room area will become the place where people meet.

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