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Please Note: No Cats are permitted.


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Terms & Conditions

Memorandum of Incorporation - Annexure A, Section 7.

1. Pets may be kept on the Property only after the Directors have granted written permission. Occupiers wishing to keep a pet must submit a formal application giving full details to of the pet together with a colour photo.

2. The Directors have sole discretion in determining the suitability of any pet

3. All pets must be registered in the pet registry after permission is granted

4. The permission may be summarily withdrawn at any time should the pets become a nuisance. The Directors will from time to time determine what constitutes a “nuisance”.

5. It is the responsibility of the owners of the pets to ensure that all litter caused by the pets is removed from the common area immediately.

6. No pets are allowed in the main building

7. All pets must be on a leash and suitably controlled EVERYWHERE in the Village outside of the owners property.

8. If owners wish to let pets run free us Golden Harvest Park of Robyn Park (next to the Juksei Rivier)

9. Owners, occupiers and their visitors are not permitted to bring visiting pets onto the Property unless permission has been applied for.

10. Pets must be kept in fenced areas and a gate must be installed for proper enclosure.

11. Failure of pet owners to comply with these rules will result in the Owner or occupier being instructed to remove the pet from the Property.

12. Cats are not permitted under any circumstances

13. Maximum size of dogs by 5kg in weight and 30cm in height. All dogs must wear an identification tag with owner’s house number and contact telephone number.

14. No pets are allowed in the apartment buildings. Exceptions may be made for pets that do not require space and exercise, or pets that do not cause a noise for example a fish.

15. In the houses when you’re pet goes to pet heaven you need to apply for the new pet but in the apartments when you pet goes to pet heaven you can’t replace it.

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