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Garden Landscaping Application

for the Exclusive Use area of the Unit (Private Garden)


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Terms & Conditions

1. This application for garden landscaping must be accompanied by a detailed plan of the proposed garden including a complete list of all plants and their proposed positioning.
2. The majority of the plants must be indigenous and specified by their botanical names.
3. Only small indigenous trees are allowed due to the size of the gardens.
4. Proposed garden ornaments, gazebos, garden sheds and trellises need to be indicated on the plan for items higher than 50cm, a picture of the structure is also required.
5. Garden sheds are not allowed to be visible above your courtyard wall.
6. Landscaping cannot commence until the application has been approved.
7. Bougainvillea, Wisteria or any other invasive climbers must be planted in pots above ground and supported by a trellis. No climbers will be allowed to grow or cling to exterior walls.
8. It is the responsibility of the owner to clear the site after completion of the project. However should the resident have soil, lawn or rocks that can still be utilized elsewhere please contact reception.
9. Regardless of the above, the application must at all times strictly adhere to all the conduct rules.

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