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Indemnity Form - Bus Service


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Terms & Conditions

I, the abovenamed, being a resident of Olivedale Retirement Village, hereby agree to the following:

1. It is my own responsibility to be on time at the arranged collection/pick-up point.
2. I am completely independent and able to get on and off the bus without assistance.
3. If I cannot operate independently, I will make prior arrangements with Reception for a carer to accompany me.
4. I acknowledge that I am using Olivedale Retirement Village’s bus service at my own free will and at my own risk.
5. I agree that neither myself nor my visitors, heirs, spouse, guardians, legal representatives and assigns will have a claim for damages against the Olivedale Home Owners Association NPC, its directors, its officers, operators, developers, agents or employees (including the driver of the bus) (herein collectively “the ORV Group”) for injury, death or property damage I may sustain in using the Olivedale Retirement Village’s bus service, arising from any cause whatsoever relating to the boarding of, or alighting from, the bus, the maintenance of the bus, or being transported in the bus, including negligence or other acts by any member of the ORV Group. In addition, I release and discharge, and will indemnify and keep harmless the members of the ORV Group from all actions, claims or demands that I, my visitors, heirs, guardians, legal representatives or assigns now have or may later have for my injury, death or property damage resulting from my use of the Olivedale Retirement Village bus service as aforesaid, and whether or not caused by the negligence of any member of the ORV Group.

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